• Initiative 03 - Platform for Crowdfunding
  • Status of the initiative:
    In development

  • Name – „Crowdfunding Platform”
  • About the initiative:

2D Observatory for Ideas decided to create the platform www.GiveBG.com operating on the principle of group financing, known throughout Europe and America as Crowdfunding.

This platform is intended for people with ideas and dreams – they can create campaigns in our platform, finance their projects and implement their ideas.

Our platform can be used by both adults and children in need of financial aid for medical treatment, and by people intending to start their own business, yet unwilling to get bank loans.

Registration and campaign startup at www.GiveBG.com is free of charge. The platform retains 5% of all amounts collected within each campaign. These amounts are for self-maintenance and the operating costs of our platform, such as paying for a domain, hosting, SSL certificate, platform admin support, etc.

We believe that our platform www.GiveBG.com would benefit many Bulgarians.


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