• Initiative 02 - Let's Plant 100 trees
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    In development

  • Name – “Let’s Plant a Hundred Trees”
  • A joint initiative of: лого and 
  • About the initiative:

“Observatory for Ideas 2D” Association is organizing the planting of 100 deciduous trees in the Gabrovo area.
Every year in the beginning of April, The Executive Forestry Agency and its departments and Balgarka Natural Park organize a celebration of the Forest Week. This year the Forest Week shall be held for the 85th time within the period 8th – 14th of April 2019.
To commemorate this event, “Observatory for Ideas 2D” Association is organizing a competition for children’s drawings on the subject of “The Forest – The Eternal Source of Life”. Dear students, draw the forest where you like to hike and how it could become even more beautiful and clean. Express your love for the Bulgarian forest the way you see and feel it.

For your convenience, take a photo of your drawing and send it to the following email: contact@2dbg.orgThe email should include information about the author – full name, age, city, school, grade, and phone number.

The best drawings will be exhibited and their authors will be invited to participate in the planting of a 100 trees in the Gabrovo area, which will be held within the period 1st – 7th April 2019. The children’s parents can also take part in the tree planting event.
Furthermore, there will be prizes and surprises for the best drawings.

The date and time of tree planting will be further specified. Along with the planting of trees, there will be open-air discussions and seminars for educational purposes.
The goal of “2D Observatory for Ideas” Association is to work with children and teach them to love and preserve nature.
Mentors will be attracted for the open-air seminars, who will communicate to the children some interesting facts, such as:

  • what the use of deciduous forests is,
  • the damages from deforestation,
  • the benefits of afforesting,
  • what kinds of deciduous trees are indigenous to the Central Balkan and the Gabrovo area,
  • climate change and its impact on individuals and the society in general.


If you want one year of prosperity – plant wheat; if you want 10 years of prosperity - plant a tree; if you want a 100 years of prosperity - educate people.

A curious fact:

Who is behind the initiative which planted more than 125,000 saplings in Bulgaria link

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