"Observatory for Ideas – 2D" Association
is a voluntary independent non-profit association for community service, uniting its members in the development and implementation of ideas for the development and preservation of spiritual values, science, culture, technology, and environmental protection through organizing experience exchange and raising public awareness about such activities.

Our association is fully independent.

"Observatory for Ideas – 2D" Association consists of young dynamic Gabrovians and Bulgarian citizens, united behind the common cause of forming an idea hub in order to support people with ideas for implementing alternative projects in the field of science, technology, arts, etc., preserving Bulgarian lifestyle and culture, spirituality and self-awareness.

In the course of development of ‘Observatory for Ideas – 2D’, we are planning to expand the scope of activities in the future. By gaining experience in the development of our idea center, we will be able to support people from other Bulgarian towns in the establishment of such idea hubs (centers). We firmly believe that this builds the foundation of sustainable and prosperous civil society.

Strategic goals:

  1. Development of alternative ideas in science and technology, particularly related to commissioning various types of energy sources.
  2. Cooperation with national organizations and offices, thus ensuring the stability of the foundations of such ideas and activities and providing opportunities for experience dissemination.
  3. Preservation of Bulgarian lifestyle and culture, spirituality and self-awareness.
  4. Implementation of innovative ideas for environmental protection and repairing existing damages.
  5. Development of activities in organic farming – preservation of the natural relationship between soil, plants, animals and humans. Thus, besides growing healthy high-quality crops, we help protect the environment.

Specific goals:

  1. Organizing workshops for children and adults for practical demonstration of the Association’s ideas.
  2. Organizing meetings with members of other associations with similar ideas and goals in order to exchange experience and best practices.
  3. Public presentation through various events for typical Bulgarian customs and traditions in order to revive our self-awareness as a nation.
  4. Implementing new methods in environmental protection.
  5. Providing the public with up-to-date information about the state of the environment and possible ways of repairing the damage.
  6. Researching the types of green energy sources and commissioning some of them.
  7. Achieving biological equilibrium in crop production, stimulating and increasing biodiversity, as well as overall establishment of sustainable agricultural system.


Обсерватория за идеи – 2Д


Our main goal is the return to normalcy!


First of all, we have survived and we were born normally, although our mothers took aspirin when they had headaches, ate tinned food and worked until the very end of their pregnancy and were never tested for diabetes…

When we were children, we used to ride in cars without seatbelts and airbags, and we rode bikes and roller skates without helmets…

We would drink water from the garden hose and not from bottles bought in large supermarket chains.

We used to share a bottle and nobody ever died from it…

We ate milk ice-cream, white bread with butter or lard with garlic, we drank sodas with sugar yet we were never overweight because we were constantly playing outside…

We used to go out in the morning and play all day – we played hide and seek, border patrol, thieves and cops, queens, cowboys and Indians and everything else that a child’s imagination could possibly think of.

It often took all day before our parents finally found us and a slap on the face was considered part of the educational process and not domestic violence.

We never had any problems. We used to spend the day boarding by using all sorts of knick-knacks from the basement, and riding bikes on streets forgetting we didn’t even have proper brakes.

We learned how to solve our problems after a few falls, broken fingers and bruises. We didn’t have imaginary friends. We didn’t add friends on our social networks but had real friends indeed!

We had no problems focusing our attention at school …

We weren’t given pills for hyperactivity. We didn’t have school psychologists and educators and still we managed to graduate. We didn’t sell pharmaceuticals in front of the school. We didn’t have PlayStations, Nintendos, 100 cable channels, video recorders, Dolby surround, portable computers, internet, chat rooms …

We had friends and they were real, they were everything! We played with bows and arrows, we made snow forts, we had fireworks for New Year’s Eve, we read a bunch of comic books! We rode our bikes or went to our friends’ houses on foot just to be together, no prior appointment needed!

When it came to problems with the law, our parents didn’t bail us out. Actually, they were often stricter than the law itself! The last 50 years were the most productive years in the world history. Our generations have given us the best inventors and scientists to date. We had freedom, the right to make mistakes, to succeed and bear responsibility. We learned to live with these! You are part of this generation!

Congratulations! Maybe it would be a good idea to share this with other people who were lucky enough to grow up like real children, before the lawyers, the state and the government officials started telling us how to live our lives!

Perhaps you would want to send this message to your children so that they could see how their parents grew up? Hello, generation! We are all angels with just one wing and we can only fly when we embrace each other!


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