• Initiative 07 - Technological Hub – Gabrovo 01
  • Status of the initiative:

  • Project name: "Technological Hub – Gabrovo 01 – School for Drone Operators"
  • A joint initiative of: лого , Фотограф Радослав Първанов and ИМКА - Габрово
  • About the initiative:

The initiative goal is to create a technically secured work space for children and their mentors, where ideas are generated and high-tech devices are tested, repaired, modified and created.

Our team aims to establish a Technological Hub Gabrovo, where we could develop a series of interconnected projects, preparing the children for the JOBS OF THE FUTURE.The starting project will be Technological Hub Gabrovo 01 – “School for Drone Operators”.

Our main argument for starting this project is that there are many high-tech companies in Gabrovo such as Mechatronika, Stemo, etc. which would support us. The children will be interested to learn more about the business of these companies, which is a prerequisite for their future career development. Thus, we will be able to help solve our town’s serious demographic problem.

Establishing a specialized working and learning space will allow the children to develop regularly their technical skills for using and modifying technological devices, and to that end, we will invite technical experts and representatives of leading technological companies.

We are starting the project Technological Hub Gabrovo namely with “School for Drone Operators” because of the geographic location of our town, the multitude of natural and historical sites which could be photographed by the children, and the availability of technical experts, invited to participate.

We will attract a lot of young people through our work and introduce them to innovative technologies, thus providing guidelines for their future career development - a prerequisite for the sustainable development of our region.

This project will enable the participants to gain knowledge and practical experience in using high-tech devices, which in its turn would develop the image of Gabrovo as a place of high technology, a meeting place for talented people from across the country, establishment of startup companies and initiating similar high-tech projects.

Upon purchasing a mid-range drone, our team will be able to utilize it in our next projects, as well as gratuitously letting it to serve similar organizations, schools and kindergartens in Gabrovo and the region.



Project Structure.


Date Event
14.04.2019 Opening ceremony and theoretical introduction to the subject. Show drone flight.
22.04.2019 Drone composition. Assembly and disassembly of drone components.
29.04.2019 Drone flying training.
05.05.2019 Drone flying training.
11.05.2019 Participation in the “Four Elements” Festival.

During the festival the children will present before the Gabrovo public their acquired drone flying skills. There will be spectacular drone flights, used to shoot videos of the entire festival.


  • The project participants will be 6-9 children between 11 and 15 years of age;
  • The children’s participation is completely free of charge.


Coming soon:

  • Technological Hub Gabrovo 02 – „Solar Station for Electricity Production”
  • Technological Hub Gabrovo 03 – „Working with 3D Printers”
  • Technological Hub Gabrovo 04 – „Creating a Robotic Hand”
  • Technological Hub Gabrovo 05 – „School for Programmers”, etc.


This series of projects will be free for participating children.

We need your financial support:

Bank account of "Observatory for Ideas 2D" Association in BGN:
IBAN: BG59FINV91501217217047
Fibank (First Investment Bank) - Gabrovo Branch
Address: 5 Vazrazhdane Sq., 5300 Gabrovo

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