• Initiative 08 – Summer Motivational Camps 2019 (SMC - 2019)
        • Project Status:

        • Name - Summer Motivational Camps 2019 (SMC - 2019)
        • A joint initiative of: лого ИМКА - Габрово   


    • With the financial assistance of:  


  • About the initiative:

Observatoriya za idei 2D and YMCA-Gabrovo are organizing a summer TENT camp at our base near Gabrovo. The camp participants will be children from Gabrovo between 10 and 15 years of age. Within 4 days children and adults will communicate on future-related topics in a nice surrounding in the beautiful Balkan nature, away from city noise.

Specialists of various fields will be joining the activities and free-style conversations; such communication will be helpful for both sides.

Our ambition is for this initiative to be held annually, inviting children and specialists not only from other Bulgarian cities but also from places abroad.

Because of this idea, our base near Gabrovo will become a shared space for creativity, communication and work.


Structure of the initiative:


Date Camp activities
Day 1
  • Hiking from Gabrovo to our base by electric bikes. Shooting the hike with a drone.
  • Setting up the base camp.
  • In the evening, the topic around the camp fire will be “The Power of Community”.
Day 2
  • Hiking a pre-planned route to the Vitite Skali Area.
  • Transferring / Acquiring basic skills for surviving in the wilderness.
  •  In the evening, the topic around the camp fire will be “Motivational stories of successful people”.
Day 3
  •  Renovating the local children’s playground.
  • Taking care of the vegetable garden.
  • In the evening, the topic around the camp fire will be “Life in 2049”.
Day 4
  • Cleaning the surrounding area
  • Going back to base camp
  • Return to civilization



  • You can enroll by the end of June 2019 by signing up at: contact@2dbg.org
  • The minimum joint funding is to the amount of BGN 90 per child for the entire 4-day period.
  • The hike to our base near Gabrovo will be done jointly with Nera Bike (www.nerabike.com)
  • Throughout the camping days there will be YMCA-Gabrovo volunteers, the Bulgarian Red Cross volunteers and skilled mountaineers which guarantees the event’s success.
  • The food will be delivered by an authorized catering company from Gabrovo.
  • During the camping days the children will get to see the latest technological gadgets, such as electric bikes, drones, solar lighting, the latest generation of communication, top-notch climbing equipment.
  • If you have questions or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at: contact@2dbg.org



Bank account of "Observatory for Ideas 2D" Association in BGN:
IBAN: BG59FINV91501217217047
Fibank (First Investment Bank) - Gabrovo Branch
Address: 5 Vazrazhdane Sq., 5300 Gabrovo


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